//diaXgram 0.1: shaunXcore: shaun@centralmanclc.com
//classdb: domax: domax@ukrpost.net 

What is it?

diaXgram is a PHP parser that connects to an Interbase/Firebird database and returns a gzipped XML version of the database that can then be opened in Dia. I began this on 18/11/2002 and I am releasing this first version on 20/11/2002. By no means am I saying it is in a finished state, but it is definitely in a usable state.

If you use this and have a feature request or what you think is a bug, please email me.

What does it require?

It requires a PHP 4.0 installation configured --with-interbase and --with-zlib. The database library I use is called classdb.PHP, it was included with the download. It also requires Dia ver 0.30 or above as this is when it started using gzipped XML files. I did all my testing on 0.88.1 but if you try it in another version and it doesn't work or has bugs you think are created by my script, please let me know! You will also need to chown the diaxgram directory to nobody (or what ever user PHP runs as) so that it can touch and gzip files in this directory!

What does it currently do?

Currently it pulls out all of the tables(columns,types), views and foreign key constraints. It absolutely positions all foreign key constraints so that when you drag them around it should all stay lined up.

What will it do in the future?

It will pull out all referential and primary key constraints, procedures, triggers, udfs, generators and domains. I will also start messing with layout orders so that all the tables don't just start out as stacked. I am thinking about different ways to represent sub-models as well.

-- shaun gilchrist